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Our Grooming Standards

Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer grooming services for your pet. Our groomer is highly trained and has experience working with a variety of breeds and species. Sometimes, during the grooming process, they may even detect potential health issues and bring them to your attention. In some instances, pets may not be able to groom themselves based on breed or age. If your pet is in need of grooming, please contact us today.

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Overgrown nails can make walking difficult for pets, even painful. Nails can also crack and cause pain. Our experienced groomer can help keep your pets’ nails the proper length.

Coat Grooming

Many breeds have specific grooming standards for their coats, and some, such as poodles, require regular fur trimming/shaping to meet those standards and look their best. But fur trimming isn’t just about your pet looking true to their breed. Overgrown fur can affect your pet’s comfort and hygiene, and can even impede vision, posing a safety threat. Our experienced groomer can help keep your pet looking and feeling good.

Special Needs

Some breeds are prone to certain health concerns, like ear infections, problematic eyes, skin folds, or even dental issues. These pets can benefit from regular cleanings to keep them healthy and comfortable. It also helps that our groomers can easily let our veterinarians know if they notice something that needs a closer look.

On another front, is your pet doing the “sit and scoot,” dragging its bottom on the rug or floor? Chances are, it needs to have its anal glands expressed. These glands can become impacted, inflamed or infected, so it’s important to keep them cleared. Our highly trained groomer, as well as our veterinarians, have lots of experiencing performing expressions quickly and carefully.